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My name is Santos Miguel Adriano Sengo.i was born in inharrime-inhambane, in 11 of april 1993.I live in inharrime-inhambane,but i study in beira at beira industrial and comercial institute.my mother is Manuela Zacaria,my father is Miguel Sabino. they are also living in Inharrime,in my free times i use to play soccer get in the internet to fetch information and to chat in mig33.my favorite songs are james blunt_same mistake,avril lavigne all songs and slim nigga-jogo de dinheiro.my favorite friends are bush,stephanie,Terry,Ratha,Danisa,Esio...I like girls but i hate ghosts.my email adress is santinhosengo1@gmail.com my mobile number is +258823209709. my favorite food is chicken and chips.don't forget that i love girls.I always allow everyone to get in my website(Santos4.Wapdale) find much more about me on google search, just put my name santos miguel adriano sengo then google will show up everything about me!.it's all about me.Thanks

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